Sunday, May 25, 2008

Okay, class outing during the first week of holiday okay?
On Wednesday?
Strong objections?

We can go to either:
Pulau Ubin
- Can cycle for the whole day!!!:) It's fun but tiring!! Take up the challenge!!
- Lunch?
- Err, picnic if you all want? A lot of beaches there. If I never remember wrongly at least cleaner than ECP HAHA!
- Etc, etc, etc


Pasir Ris
- Explore Ehub!! LOL!
- Go Pasir Ris Park play? Woot~ the playground rules man!
- Lunch?
- Bowling?
- Etc, etc, etc.

Any other suggestions of possible and better class outing programs please tell Xueli or Ziyan.
SMS/MSN us okay? Tag if you want to save SMS!

Everyone, please try to come okay? let's have fun together AS A CLASS!!! Take it as a break from mugging for Mid years okay? Don't stress yourself too much!!!:)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hello People!!:) Yay, I've changed the blogskin to this temporary cos some people(including me:X) have problems with navigations in the previous skin. Yep, so now we can all tag on the tag board already!:)

Anyway, congrats to these people!
SY JIA: Vice Capt for bowling(wow!)
BIXUAN: Council(wow!)
WENXIN: Vice Capt for fencing(wow!)
VANESSA: Photog Exco(wow!)
WEN JIE: VICE CAPT shooting(wow!)
KENNETH: House Comm(wow!)
JING XIONG: House Comm Vice Capt(wow!)
RONALD: Rockclimbing Exco(wow!)
WEISHENG: Council(wow!)
BRONSON: Floorball Exco(wow!)
WOW~ :D Aren't we born of a vision to be the BEST man!

Jiayou all in your CCAs okay? Bring your CCAs to greater height!:) And jiayou good luck to those still waiting for CCA exco results and Shermine for your REACH Committe. For those who are not holding any posts, don't be sad or anything okay? We will all work hard for the class and our CCA together!:) You need not be the leader to shine:) We will all be a very very very very bonded and loving class like now(or even better!) no matter what our status are okay? We are one class!! 有福同享,有难同当!

Guys and Girls, remember to work hard for Mid years okay?? And Project work!!! AND REMEMBER TO DO HOMEWORK & ELEARNING!!!

Took from Sy Jia's blog:)

We will miss you!
Ke blar Ke blar Ke blar... ...

& We will miss you too!
Ping Pong & 小青蛙
"LALA hot or not???"

Have fun at Mahjong at shermine's house today okay? Sorry I can't make it:X I know you all will miss me! Oops. But I know you all will have fun without me. Haha!
Ohya remember to tell Ziyan or tag on the board about outing next week(: (Refer to the previous post) Cya all soon!!

Someone update about your trip to Shermine's house okay?:)

With lotsa lotsa LOVE,

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Class outing

Ppl ! We r goin to have class outing! nxt wk! which is e first 1st wk of holiday! K ppl? =) Cos is e onli wk where most ppl are free yup.

What u all wan to do there?
1) Pulau Ubin
2) Movie and dinner as usual
3) Sentosa and dinner aft that

Try to give ur choice in tagboard k? thanks =)

Friday, May 16, 2008


Okay, as promised to shermine, i'm here to list down all the homeworks/tutorials/test/to-do WHATSOEVER. Okay here it goes...

-Groups presenting their essays to be done and sent to mr Joel Tan's email by MON
-Comprehension passage by TUES

-Graphing Techinique Assignment to be handed in by TUES
-Finish up your graphing technique tutorials and functions tutorials maybe?
-Midyear papers 2006 Q7,8; 2007 Q8,9
-Those who wish to see Mr Gan for consultation may sign up on the list outside 3rd floor staff room

-Bonding tutorial
-E-learning bonding tut Q6-10 (done before thursday)
ps: e learning schedule sucks!

-CM tutorial
- WEP assignment answers to be given

-Study for the test upcoming tuesday on Market Failure! 2 chapters? but i not sure which two..

final GPP draft latest by next FRI

PLEASE edit if you find anything wrong or add something on to what i've typed.
Enjoy this 'long' weekend. Then it's two days of school. Two days of e learning and we wont see each other already ):

08s107 wallpaper

Gd luck ppl for upcoming MYE =)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Happy Birthday to Kenneth!

Hey people! Bixuan is here to liven up this frigging DEAD blog.

First up, BELATED Happy Mothers' day to everyone else! remember to say "i love you" to your mom!

Next, It's KENNETH's Birthday! haha.
(birthday song from madagascar!)

Well i'm actually updating during PW lesson. ZiYan's group KS-ed my group! WE NEED REINFORCEMENTS!

"You think you birthday boy you big is it?" quoted from Shermine!

Bronson's new pencil box is damn CUTE!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Yo ppl, Ziyan here! Happy mother's Day! i tot some of u will be online right now but only xueli is online haha.. All muz be sleeping aft a long week yea? Know this blog is quite dead so decided to blog and liven e mood here..

Oh ya , ppl , do u all wan to go for cip if theres any during june or any month? If u wan please tell shermine! She has found some cip for us =) Anw, thanks for choosing me as ur vice chair haha.. i will try my best to help u bond as a class tgth w cg rep =) Studies come first but bonding of a class muz nt be neglected too rite?

Gd luck for bi xuan soccer match vs rjc ! And lastly just wan to wish everyone Happy Mother's Day! Hope u like e picture =) Cya! =) Jiayou everyone for the upcoming PHY SPA, CHEM TEST & ECONS TEST! God bless! 08s107 is e best! Give me a hell yeah!