Sunday, May 25, 2008

Okay, class outing during the first week of holiday okay?
On Wednesday?
Strong objections?

We can go to either:
Pulau Ubin
- Can cycle for the whole day!!!:) It's fun but tiring!! Take up the challenge!!
- Lunch?
- Err, picnic if you all want? A lot of beaches there. If I never remember wrongly at least cleaner than ECP HAHA!
- Etc, etc, etc


Pasir Ris
- Explore Ehub!! LOL!
- Go Pasir Ris Park play? Woot~ the playground rules man!
- Lunch?
- Bowling?
- Etc, etc, etc.

Any other suggestions of possible and better class outing programs please tell Xueli or Ziyan.
SMS/MSN us okay? Tag if you want to save SMS!

Everyone, please try to come okay? let's have fun together AS A CLASS!!! Take it as a break from mugging for Mid years okay? Don't stress yourself too much!!!:)


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