Friday, April 24, 2009

Update of the upcoming wk 6 27/4-3/5

Upcoming Tests:
1)H2 Phy test on circular motion, dc circuit, emi, ac, thermal (mon)
2)H2 Chem test on chemical energies (thus)
3)Econs test On Bop (wed morning)
4)Chem quiz on thermochem (monday)

Upcoming hw:
1)Chem thermo chem exercise and electro chem tut
2)Phy assignment on thermal phy
3)Math assignment for binomial and poisson & Intro to statistics
4)Math tut for normal distribution
5)Econs 3b essay
6)Chem new mcq
7)Chem old mcq corrections

Upcoming elearning and Spa:
1)Econs elearning
2)Chem elearning and online test
3)Math sampling 1 & Find out e answer to the US success of saving of thousand lives
4)Last Phy spa trial( Study LDR- light dependent resistor in advance)
5)Last Chem spa trial

Upcoming impt stuff!!!
1) SGC!! By the coming thus!

PS: If i miss out anything or write anything wrongly, please feel free to add in or edit it

Lastly, Happy bday timo!!! =) And All e best of luck to everyone!

31 days more to MYE!


Cya :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Subject Code: 8809

Hey all!

PW results will be out tmr!

Here's wishing all the best to everyone :)

-your pw rep