Monday, April 21, 2008


Science SPA's coming up! jiayou everyone okay?

Physics SPA:
Week 8-Assessment 1
Newtonian motion(I think)
Week 9-Assessment 2

Study the Practicals and the Skill B notes.

1. Ezlink card/NRIC
2. 30cm ruler
3. Stationary
4. Calculator(GC)

For those who missed any Physics Practical lessons, there will be a SPA Fiesta(HAHA!) on Friday 25 April from 2pm-4pm. Remember to reach the labs early if you are going okay?(:

Chemistry SPA:
Week 8

Skills B & C tested.
Study the SPA Manual & the SPA trials.

Take note:
There's a Chemistry SPA Trial 2 on Monday during lecture for Skill B & C excluding implementation!

Remember there's a Physics Lecture Test this coming Wed also!
1. Kinematics
2. Forces & Dynamics
3. Work, Energy, Power(until Lect notes Pg 8)