Monday, August 11, 2008


never blog here before,

shall post one of the pictures!
ok thats all bye!

Friday, August 8, 2008

08s107 hope u all have fun today for outg! haha, sorry it was kinda screwed, my bad! nxt time wont le :)

PS: Who gt pics plz post it up! Esp pics that have peter and e FIRST OUTDOOR CLASS PIC!! Thanks ppl!

Oh ya, Rmb to do elearning for monday! Nt sure wad subs but pretty sure theres econs and econs hw

FYI: Phy Test chpt 6-8( 5 mcqs, 2 short structured questions and 40 mins , 25 m!)=> wed 13/8
Maths Test Vectors 1-4=> Maths test thursday 14/8
Cl TEST( FOR SOME)- thursday 14/8
Chem LVL SPA* utmost importance 830-1010am at lab 3 on sat, 16/8/08
Econs Test LT4 325-412 essay test for comparison btw pc and monopoly- friday 22/8
PHY PROJ ! DUE thursday, 14/8!

Lastly, good luck for those having fun festqiue nxt wk! All e best! Including the dance ppl! Do miranda proud :)

Cya Guys

Thursday, August 7, 2008

National Day Outing Attire!!

Meows 107-ers!

tomorrow's our outing at bugis then movie nearby!

Meeting Venue: Bugis MRT Control Station
Attire: Miranda House Tee(or any other House tees)!

Don't be late alright!