Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Yo ppl, Ziyan here! Happy mother's Day! i tot some of u will be online right now but only xueli is online haha.. All muz be sleeping aft a long week yea? Know this blog is quite dead so decided to blog and liven e mood here..

Oh ya , ppl , do u all wan to go for cip if theres any during june or any month? If u wan please tell shermine! She has found some cip for us =) Anw, thanks for choosing me as ur vice chair haha.. i will try my best to help u bond as a class tgth w cg rep =) Studies come first but bonding of a class muz nt be neglected too rite?

Gd luck for bi xuan soccer match vs rjc ! And lastly just wan to wish everyone Happy Mother's Day! Hope u like e picture =) Cya! =) Jiayou everyone for the upcoming PHY SPA, CHEM TEST & ECONS TEST! God bless! 08s107 is e best! Give me a hell yeah!


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