Saturday, November 15, 2008


Front of the shirt: Back of the shirt:
Whole design of the shirt!!!

HEY CLASS! sj has came up with a class tee design. although we wont be tgt as a class anymore, but i think this shirt will really be something that makes us unique and united. i hope that you guys will give honest feedbacks about the shirt. like the colour, design etc. of course, it wont be pink if you guys dont want it. its just there for the sake of being there. please tag on the tagboard, 1. giving comments bout the shirt- colour, design etc2. like it or not?3. possible solutions to tackle the prob. if not it'd be meaningless for the comments stated. 4. please get back to me asap so that everything can be done in the fastest time possible. thanks alot guys! dont worry, sj can take criticisms and rejections! but come w solutions pls. thnx, princess.
If anyone can help print the shirt or find some place to make e shirt feel free to go ahead! Cos i w be back officially only on 14 dec, sorry guys!
Pls tag greatly appreciate it :)


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