Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Details on Class outing

Hey Class! This saturday there will be an outing in the evening till the night :) Meet at 6 at the place of venue k!

There are two plans for this outing!

1) Place to meet: Cityhall!
Place to eat: Happy pot, makansutra at esplanade there
After eating: Movie or other forms of entertainment

2) Place to meet: Katong or parkway( since both are near each other)
Place to eat: Undecided
After eating: Go gelare! go cycling! Go stargaze! Go play volleyball frisbee! haha!
Wet Weather plan: Go other place that has indoor entertainment

** Please choose one of them and let XUELI OR ME KNOW BY friday k? Thanks :)

Any objections or suggestions, just tell me thanks a lot.

Hope to see you there!


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