Sunday, June 1, 2008

1st outing during june holiday

Though today only an attendance of 10 ppl! haha but we all sure have fun! Fruit cards are fun! LOL.. Hope those who nver come can make it e nxt time yea?

Nxt outing- Go beach at sentosa or smth k? Any objections? Volleyball is fun! Frisbee is fun! But w/o u all, fun wont be created. So try to make urself free the nxt outing k? It is most prob after exam that week during e weekend =) So keep urself free!

Anw, Happy early birthday to jingxiong! Happy 17th bdae, join the senior group le! Nxt up, peter, shermine, wenjie

08s107 rocks! haha, outing is sure fun today!


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