Saturday, March 8, 2008

march holidays homework!

harloe! jac here. haha thanks to cg rep for setting up this marvellous class blog yo! :D

anywayyy march holidays have finally began. know most of you all, including me, are still damn tired out by o1, then o2, temp timetable and also CCA stuff. so have to hibernate & rest lots during the short break yo!

still, dont forget we have this long list of homework to complete before the new term commences. must especially remember to do CHEMISTRY homework okay! highly important!

okay the list of homework is as follows (:

tutorial 6: redox chemistry
tutorial 7: atomic structure (attempt)

tutorial unit 1
etutorials:data handling skills 1-4
cep essay skills
tutorial unit 1 qn 1 (essay qns)
opp cost unit 1 structured qns
(all these can be found on the econs handout we received during our first jae econs lecture)

*summation tutorial!
the rest go ivle and see okkk.

kinematics tutorial
read spa notes (p3-32? omg i lost my phy spa notes.)
bring 30cm plastic ruler!

this isnt the final list cuz im sure ive missed out lots. paiseh! and please be reminded to get your chinese textbook by the first day of t2 as well cuz we've got cl lessons on that day. yupyup.
Remember to study for PHYSICS test on Measurement and Kinematics, to be tested on the first lecture(monday?) when term 2 starts.

enjoy the hols!
x3, jacq


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